Setting up a New Angling Club

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Setting up a New Angling Club or Community Angling Club in your area.

Establishing a new “Angling Club” or “Community Angling Club” can help people from a local area who are keen to come together to do some Angling and enjoy the outdoors in a structured safe setting. It could just be an existing group or community association or a new group could be formed specifically for the purpose of angling by several keen anglers.  If you would like help with setting up a new club contact our Active Clubs Officer who will assist you.

Why Set Up an Angling Club or Community Angling Club In Your Community?

There are a wide range of benefits for setting up and running an angling club:

  1. It brings people together of different backgrounds for a common purpose.
  2. It encourages a sense of community.
  3. It promotes morale in your local area – an angling club is a social group as well as an activity group.
  4. Angling helps support positive mental health and wellbeing.
  5. It’s creates a sense of belonging for the club members.
  6. It encourages people to be more physically active and get “outdoors” that will give them health benefits as well as environmental benefits.

Who Should Set Up an Angling Club In Your Community?

Usually the lead person to set up an Angling Club in your area would be:

  • A person/s or group of people who have an interest in developing and establishing “Angling” in your local community.
  • Ideally the person trained to lead the club would aspire to have the following qualities:
  • Positive and friendly person
  • Good communicator and organiser
  • Good knowledge of angling and the local area where angling would take place.

Your Next Steps:

Contact the Angling Active Clubs Officer who will discuss with you and your local community group about setting up an Angling Club in your local community and the support that is on offer for the new club.


Affiliation Forms for existing and new “Game” Angling Clubs:





Ulster Angling Federation Affiliation Form 2016 Club Rules (short version)