Finance and Funding

Finance and Funding:

Good financial planning and management is an important aspect of any successful angling club. Appointing the correct personnel (Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer) to oversee the clubs finances will ensure that your club will have a good future.

The Club Treasurer has responsibility for the safe-keeping of the funds of the Club. He/she is responsible for recording all income and expenditure and for reporting on the financial position of the Club to the Club Committee on an on-going basis. It is important to note that the Treasurer does not have to be an accountant to perform this role.

However, he/she must have the ability to record all financial transactions, control expenditure in the Club, plan and assist in fundraising and provide regular reports to the Club Committee.

The Treasurer must not commit the Club to any expenditure for which prior approval has not been given and should also be in a position to give ample warning to the Club should funds be dwindling.

The main duties of the Treasurer can be summarised as follows:
• Management of Club accounts
• Keeping records
• Preparation of Financial statements
• Preparing a Financial budget for the Club
• Fundraising in the Club

Documents that your angling club can use are below.

Duties of the Club Treasurer Other Funding Programmes for Angling Clubs 2015